At Fresca, Nouveau Peruvian Cuisine, in San Francisco.

After eating at the superb Saxsay Cafe, authentic Peruvian cuisine, in South Florida, Fresca fell disappointedly short.
The ceviche was too acidic, and the pieces were awfully cut. The tiradito wasn’t trascendental but it was better than the ceviche. The plantain chips were a day or two old. I ordered the ají de gallina and had to send it back. (It was one of those nights in the kitchen…the person sitting next to me also sent her entree back—overcooked shrimp. Yacks.) Hesitantly, I ordered the pan roasted salmon over rice with squid ink and chimichurri sauce. This was the best dish of the meal minus the chimichurri sauce which lack flavor and seasoning. For dessert, I tried the Tres Leches that turned out to be another disappointment. It was so bland that it didn’t even inspire me to take a picture. The place gets pretty crowded and loud as the night progresses. So if you want to try it show up early.

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